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Simple 3D & AR content creation

The fastest way to create and share interactive 3D, AR and VR experiences on the Internet.

Our Products

Mindcoord is an all-around ecosystem. We focus on providing our users and client with the easiest way to produce 3D & AR contents.
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  • PortalHiker Studio
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Create, share, and discover 3D and AR content

Build captivating 3D and AR videos easily with PortalHiker mobile App.

Create your own virual world

Build captivating 3D and AR experiences with the power and flexibility of your desktop.

More Products

We provide 3D and AR solutions for businesses that want to increase their reach by using 3D advertising and virtual streaming.

Our Solutions

Brands and Creative Agencies

Give life to your brand by creating content with IP Characters. Brands with a virtual figure are more relatable and memorable to the customers.

3D Advertising

3D advertising has higher click-throug rate than traditional advertising. We provide 3D advertising solutions for your website and products.

AR Integrations

We provide AR content production solutions with our desktop software PortalHiker, which can help businesses produce interactive AR experiences ready to be used on their websites and mobile applications.

Our Mission

Shared 3D and AR experiences

Turn your ideas into real time, shared AR and VR experiences. Invite friends and family to experience and share your creations with our community.

3D Content Ecosystem

Our goal is to create a full 3D content ecosystem, including 3D content production, sharing, community, marketplace, and monetization.

Together, we empower real-time creativity around the world

Join the global team behind the most innovative 3D and AR content development platform.

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We welcome investors and businesses to reach out to discuss our services or company in more detail
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