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AR Integrations


It is expensive to develop AR experiences.

Currently, businesses rely on studios to create AR applications and experiences. This option can be very expensive and time consuming. In addition, being an outsourced project, businesses have little control over the final result of the project.

AR Functions are difficult to integrate on websites and applications.

AR applications are very platform specific, which can limit the reach of your content. AR content often requires users to download an mobile App, which can limit the number of customers who try out the AR experience.


Simple 3D editor for AR content

Our desktop software PortalHiker Studio provides an easy-to-use AR experience creation function. To get started, you only need to download the editor for Windows or iOS, and you will be ready to start creating interactive AR experiences.

Integration for multiple platforms

You can create stunning AR content within the application and easily export to your desired platform. We currently support website integration and mobile applications for Android and iOS.

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