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Consumer expectations are higher than ever.

People are moving to the digital world, and they expect brands to catch up. The only way to keep them engaged is to offer a seamless experience—one that makes it easy to integrate your products in their daily lives, both in virtual world and the reality.

Impersonal approach is no longer compelling.

Customers today want specifically tailored solutions to their needs, and everyone is upping their game! As consumer-focused marketing is gaining importance, it’s time to start speaking in a more personal approach to get people immersed with your brand.

It’s important to reach younger and tech-savvy audience.

Today’s generation hold the key to long-term customer growth! That’s why it’s important to make sure they love your IP/brand. The youths value innovation and experience above everything else, which means making use of technology cleverly is necessary to get them interested.


Bring your products closer to customers in form of 3D/AR contents.

Let your customers get up close with your product by presenting them in a 3D! Engage by allowing customers to interact with your product or even try some items you offer virtually in their own context before they buy.

Create captivating campaigns with immersive AR experience.

When it comes to creative campaigns, PortalHiker Studio can help you create stunning 3D content for your brand, which opens up endless possibilities by combining your brand with virtual elements.  Set up a campaign everyone would genuinely love to take part! 

Breathe life into your brand personality with engaging character.

Communicate and strengthen your IP/brand identity better by bringing your brand personality to life! With PortalHiker Studio, you will be able to create IP characters for your brand and enrich your brand with creative stories and content.

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