Slide Artor is the first platform to create, share and visualize your idea in mixed reality world. Powered by easy-to-use 3D engine,.

Artor integrate 3D resource and intertest based community. It empowers everyone to capture and present world’s creativity, love and moments in everyday life, mixed with unique 3D experience, providing a Artor-only content and experience on the platform.      ARTOR To learn more information

Slide 3D library Share your 3D model;
Discover your favorite characters
Artor features a 3D content library supporting different resources, including 3D avatars, scenes, props, special effects, and animation.

With a community for creators who can published their models, we are inviting the creators and studios from all over the world to join our family.

3D model is no longer for viewing but for real use. Artor bringing creators' 3D model alive in every creation.

Slide Mobile 3D Engine
One more Dimension
Create whatever you dream up with our 3D engine designed for anyone to make anything.

All you have to do is find 3D model in our library or insert your own motion. Drag and drop items into your project, then have a real-life preview using Augmented Reality or 3D space video recording.

Slide Explore & Connect Inspire creativity and share joy Artor wants to inspire and encourage a new generation to discover the beauty around them.

You can connect with each other by discovering projects, posts or 3D resource. Artor features a community of using mixed reality to express your attitude towards this world.

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