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Advance technology, empower creativity

We use artificial intelligence to simplify the content creation process.

Our technology

Capturing Motion

Fundamental to human-centric computer vision is the ability of machines to see and understand human motion. Videos contain an enormous amount of information, which we use to animate virtual characters in a real-time. Our motion capture technology aims to help creators produce animated content in the form of image, video, 3D/AR experience, or virtual live stream. We develop our technology with creators in mind, which is why we focused on ease of use and performance as our top priority.

3D Content Editor

Our 3D Content Editor is designed specifically for content creators who want an easy and to produce 3D and AR content. Our 3D rendering technology supports real-time content rendering and animation, which offers a fast and reliable way to produce both 3D and AR content.

3D Viewer

Our web-based 3D viewer allows for high quality display of 3D content on websites. Users can add additional context to 3D models with post-processing effects. Our 3D annotation feature and spatial audio are great for portraying product features, or providing additional information.
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