Slide ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY, EMPOWER CREATIVITY Learn how MindCoord can help you unlock possibilities with virtual media.

Slide AI 3D Engine Fundamental to human-centric computer vision is the ability of machines to see and understand human motion.

Videos contain an enormous amount of information, which we use to animate virtual characters in a real-time.

Our 3D engine aims to help creators produce animated content in the form of image, video, 3D/AR experience, or virtual live stream.

Slide 3D Viewer & Advertising High quality display of 2D and 3D content across devices and platforms. True-3D format sharing making every story alive in 3 dimentional space, viewing the story make by your frineds through AR, VR .

Slide 2D to 3D Interactive NFT Mindcoord's 3D engine Transform your 2D ideas and designs into 3D models with one-click. Turning a human photo into a fully rigged and animated avatar. Adding any person into 3D story, interacting with metaverse characters or stories.
We construct a fast, decentralized, and creators-friendly 3D NFT platform, designed as the foundation for a new generation of 3D information such as models, animation, special effects and scenes. It is based on a unique, multi-role architecture, and designed to solve 3D information copyrights and usability challenge.

Slide Tech for good We're committed to finding ways to have a positive impact on our community and our planet. To that end, we work with Boston University researchers to improve its current AR rehabilitation solution for patients with Parkinson’s disease. We are currently aiming to gain more data and proceed to help more patients with Parkinson’s disease.