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Large selection of characters

Streaming as a virtual character gives you the flexibility of choosing who you want to be.

High growth potential

Virtual character streaming gives you the flexibility of designing you own character that suits your audience, which gives you higher potential of gaining a large audience.



Face and body motion tracking

Mindcoord Stream provides both face and body motion tracking with only the need of a camera. Our motion capture is performed via joint skeletal tracking, which tracks humans in a video by creating a virtual skeleton overlay. This technology has the advantage of achieving high accuracy tracking while keeping high performance.

Character and Scene Library

Our 3D library has a collection of 3D characters and scenes to choose from. Streamers will have the chance of customizing their characters by using or PortalHiker Studio 3D editor.

Import your own models

Mindcoord Stream supports 3D models uploaded by the users. Currently the supported 3D file formts are fbx, obj, and collada.

Real-time interaction with viewers

One of the unique feature of Mindcoord Stream is the option of streaming in a completely virtual environment. Our service allows for real-time interaction with viewers by allowing them to access special effects and triggers during the stream. In this way, streamers can customize special effects when viewers donate or subscribe.

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